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helping players Build A Strong Foundation

  • Training: Your player will learn the technical skills that will be with them for the years to come.
  • Structure: 100% of our Junior Academy coaches are licensed by U.S. Soccer.
  • Focus: Individual player development in a fun and organized group environment where players can fall in love with the game. 







Important Dates


Registration Opens: TBD

Last Day To Register:  TBD

Season: TBD

Practice Begins:  TBD

Games Begin:  TBD

Practice Days:  Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:15 - 7:15 pm.

Game Schedule:  Played every Friday night at either 6:30 pm or 7:15 pm.  All games played at the Alamo City Soccer Fields.  No travel required.

U5 and U6 will be co-ed.  U7 may be co-ed depending on the amount of players registered.

Tournaments:  The Junior Academy program does not have set teams.  However, any group of players and Junior Academy coaches can form teams to participate in the tournament(s) of their choice.  Junior Academy registration does not include Tournament fees.  Learn more about our Tournaments here.

Age Requirements:  To join, players must be born in the birth years of 2012, 2013 or 2014 (U5-U7).  This requirement is determined at the state level.  Unfortunately, Alamo City Soccer Club is unable to make exceptions.



Next season's fees will be announced when registration opens.

All players must be properly registered and paid before they may practice or participate in games.




When you receive your child’s uniform you may notice that there are different colors and not everyone received the same uniform. This is not to designate a “team” as all players are a part of Alamo City Soccer Club. This is more for our coaching staff to easily recognize what age group/gender the player falls into. 2013 boys got one color, 2013 girls got another color, 2012 boys a different color, etc. They will wear these uniforms to the games but we will use scrimmage vests to distinguish between the two teams that will be playing. Also, please ensure your child has on shin guards, cleats, and brings water with them to the games.
Game Format


U5 (2013 birth year) and U6 (2012 birth year) will play 3v3 and U7 (2011 birth year) will play 4v4 for games. 3v3 games will consist of four 8 minute quarters, with a 5 minute halftime break. 4v4 games will consist of four 10 minute quarters, with a 5 minute halftime break.

Since the main objective of these age groups is to get players comfortable with the ball at their feet, nobody is allowed to use their hands. That means there will not be goalkeepers and players cannot “park” themselves in front of the goal. Players can play more of a deep lying defensive role but we want players moving and getting touches on the ball. When a team has the ball all players are attacking players and when they don’t have the ball all players are defenders. We want to avoid the mindset of telling a child that he/she is a “defender” and then that is all they will do. We want the players to be active on both sides of the ball.

Balls that cross the touchline will be restarted with a kick-in rather than a throw-in. This is to increase the number of touches players get with their feet. On goal kicks, the defending team must retreat behind the halfway line and cannot cross it until the ball is played in and a touch has been taken by a receiving player.


Games Assignments


At the beginning of each week you will receive and email letting you know what time and what field your child will be playing on that Friday night. Players will have the opportunity to play with a variety of their peers, make friends, be exposed to different coaches, etc. We also will group players differently each week depending on what each player may need from a developmental aspect. For example, if we have a U6 player that is completely dominating everyone in his/her age group then we will want to possibly put them with a U7 team to give them more of a challenge and help them grow in new ways.

With this being the first week, game assignments will be coming out tomorrow as we wanted as many training sessions as possible to get a feel for the players and decide how to group them for our opening game. We will not be waiting until the day before a game to make these decisions going forward.

For some of the more advanced players, it is possible that they may play a game against some of our Academy level teams if we feel it would be beneficial. The main idea is to make sure

every player is being challenged appropriately each week, so that we can see how they are progressing and determine what we may need to work on.




Each game will be assigned one referee and there will be a referee coordinator on site. Most of the time the referee’s will be young and new to the job. They are in the learning phase of their referee career and will make mistakes from time to time. Verbal abuse of a referee will not be tolerated. 75% of referees quit by the time they are 16 years old because of the verbal abuse they take from parents. We want to help develop young confident referee’s that will be a part of the game for many years. Please consider them a part of the Alamo City family and treat them as such.


Sideline Rules


Please encourage your child and other children with positive comments only. Anyone found being abusive to the players will be asked to leave.

Parents must sit on the side line (3-5 yards off the touchline) during games on the opposite side of the field from the teams. Nobody is allowed behind the goals during games.

No one other than players, referees, and coaches are allowed on the field unless invited by the referee as may happen in the case of an injury.

We ask that you please do not “joystick” your child by telling them when to pass, dribble, shoot, etc. The decision-making process is extremely important in the sport of soccer and eventually will separate the good from great players. In a 90 minute professional match players may be on the ball for 3% of the game at the most, while they are making decisions 100% of the time. We encourage our players to learn to make their own decisions on the field. With the younger age groups there may be times where it’s appropriate for coaches to give some guidance and direction but it shouldn’t be a constant thing. Please allow the coaches to do the coaching.

Please keep in mind that we are all one club/one family and we want to keep things light for the players and allow them to compete and have fun without the added pressure from us. As they advance into our Academy program the dynamic will shift a bit as we will begin playing against other clubs, but for now our main focus is helping the players with their development and fostering their love for the game. Let’s be supportive of all of our players.






7440 FM 1560
San Antonio, TX 78254


***Field Usage is for Alamo City SC members.  All events, practices, etc. must be approved in advance by Alamo City SC.***

***No Dogs Allowed At Any Time On Any Field***

***Due to limited parking, one parking space per vehicle only.***

***No RV's***

***No Trailers***

***No BBQ Pits or Tables***


Culebra Creek Fields (CC - FIELDS 11-18)


From 1604: Take the Culebra Exit and head West on Culebra Rd (471). Turn right on to Westwood Loop and then left to enter Culebra Creek Park. Follow the road along the south side of the park until you reach the Culebra Creek Soccer Fields.

From 471: Take 471 East towards San Antonio. Turn left onto FM1560 and you will see the Alamo Sports Plex on your right. Turn in and drive through Alamo Sports Plex, over the bridge, and Culebra Creek Soccer Fields will be on your left.



From 1604: Exit Culebra Rd and take Culebra (471) West to FM1560. Turn right on FM1560 and you will see the Alamo SportsPlex fields on your right.

From 471: Take 471 east towards San Antonio until you reach FM1560. Turn left on FM1560 and you will see the Alamo SportsPlex fields on your right.



Have More Questions Before Registering?  Check out our FAQ's.



Summer Manchester

Junior Academy Director